Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sad day in Beckytown

Let's start out with the good point of the day: I went to Disneyland after class! [=
Went on the spooooky Space Mountain and smelled yummy treats in the air

Now...comes the rest of the fun stuff

1) I dropped my aluminum water bottle on the 6th floor in the parking lot at school. I heard it roll and then stop. So I went to look for it under all the cars in that row...nothing. Then after like an HOUR of running through the floors to find my orange water bottle, I finally found it!.........on top of this girls car O_O
And she's in it. Talking on her phone. So I creep like crazy and finally get it, and she basically has no clue to what on Earth is going on, so we just exchange smiles and I book it.
Phewww, my trusty water bottle has survived through four floors of droppage with some scratches and a dent.
And through all my searching, I got quite a workout. Squatting to look under all the cars and standing back up, running up and down the inclined ramps...I better have amazing glutes tomorrow.

2) I nearly ran out of gas....and now I'm fifty bucks shorter

3) MOOSE IS GONE. She ran away and doesn't want to be with us anymore. uncle isn't going to keep her because she can't tell who her owner is. And I quote "she's dumb". I've been Q_Q -ing all day.
I finally had a cutey dog who listens to commands and now she's bored of our house and decides to find a new owner...WHYYYYYYYYY =[[[[

Ending with a possible lighter note:
Should I buy $106 color contacts for Halloween?
They'll last me throughout the whole year and they're prescription and all.
Yay or nay?

These are my contacts from last year:

What do you guys think?!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Crave: Clothes

Soooooo...I've been EXTRA lazy in posting blogs.
Surprisingly I was kinda doing homework.

Anyways, I am now the owner of......(drum roll) A PART TIME DOGGY!
Haha I say part time because she's my uncles, but we basically get to doggy-sit her half of the week!
She was a shelter dog that just stumbled into our house and we got to keep her[[[[[[[=
Her name is Moose, and she looks like a German Shepard/Lab mix and amazingly intelligent.
She sits, lays, and shakes hands ^_^
I'll post some cute pictures of her soon!

As for the picture above, I just got it from LookBook and I fell in looooooove
I thought maybe I could follow this stylish look and mix it up with some California lovin[=
Maybe I'll even take a picture of my rendition and post it up!

I'll try to post more often haha
-Becky <3

Friday, October 1, 2010

Noontime naps!

This past week I've been studying my butt off for midterms so I haven't had time to post or blog surf.
Buuut it's it's the weekend and I have a study break haha

As you can see the lady of the day is the beautiful...the talented..Ms. Kate Beckinsale!
I decided to post her up because I was watching Pearl Harbor earlier and I can't get over how mesmerizing her face is. I hope you all are visually stimulated now because it is dream journal time!

So I took a glorious noon nap yesterday and conjured up an extremely unrelated but related trip of a sleep.
First I was going to a fancy wedding reception with my family at this Haunted Mansion-esque hotel. I'm greeting everyone and all seem extremely well dressed, like the people in the movie Titanic.
Then all of a sudden there's a flood warning and my little brother and I escape on a train...with no doors.
There's trains going the opposite direction, cars driving on the tracks, people walking on the tracks and then comes a giant ramp and we're soaring over a highway. After the rocky landing, there's a diverged track: one leading straight, the other off to the side. The off track seems as though it's colored in with crayon, a bunch of scribbled in happy colors. So I take the colorful track and all of a sudden I'm in the world of television. 
There's a man with overalls, a hard hat, and a broom who greets us (and acts like he's hired to be there). Everything is like a children's PBS show: colorful, lively, fiction. Then I walk up to the broom man and I also suddenly have a broom and I started to sweep with a rhythm. And what do you know! Next thing we're dancing to 40's swing music with our brooms. 
Weirdest. Dream. Ever.
And yes I really dream this, I didn't make it up!
See you guys next time[=