Monday, September 27, 2010

From Katy Perry to prophecy dreams

Okay, I haven't had time to give my random dailys so here is what I have for youuu!

So if you guys haven't heard of the whole Katy Perry on Sesame Street thing, here it is in a nutshell: She wore a boobalicious seriously low-cut dress to sing with Elmo as a guest star on Sesame Street.
And today I saw the SNL clip that Katy did to make fun of the incident.
Here's the video link if you guys wanna check it out: Elmo bubbies!
here's a still:

& tell me what you guys think[=

I had a dream of my old friend whom I haven't seen in ages. We were sitting in front of some old computers in a computer lab and I handed him a picture book, and that was all.
The next morning...that friend IM's. We RARELY talk, ever.
And then I found out it was his birthday! = I need to give him a picture book ASAP
I seriously had noooo idea it was his I have come to a minor conclusion that I am tinged with oracle-ness. THE END!

Haha hope you SoCal-ers are keeping cool, it's sizzling out here.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lucy Liu

So..people have said that I look like Lucy Liu
I don't know if it's just because I'm Asian or something but I REALLY don't see the resemblance.

Which made me think of a rating game!
So rate me 1-10, 10 being that Ms. Liu and I are basically twins separated by time and 1 being that we are of different species.
If necessary, you guys can go into the negatives hahaha

Well here's a picture of me:

Let me know what you guys think!

Friday, September 24, 2010

A peek into Birdie

Here's little opener to what really goes on inside my head.
This was a birthday video I make for my good friend Julia (chocked full of inside jokes).
It was about...2 years ago? So I still had my metal munchers and sillay teef.
Hope you guys like it and don't think I'm tooooo mental haha

Happy Birthday Julia! from becky hoang on Vimeo.

Hooray for new hair!

Okay, it's not a far stretch cutting my hair a couple of inches, but at least all the disgusting dry broomy hair is off and on the floor! So now it's below my shoulders instead of way down my back[=

I've been really wanting to dye my hair a red/magenta color! What'dyou guys think?
Too XTREME or cool?

And here's some BECKY NEWS:
A lovely elderly woman drove into the side of my house this morning at approximately 2:11 AM, but that's just an approximation of course.
There were popo and sounds of kerrrr-kerrrrrr radios while I was trying to sleep in my red and blue tinted room.
Ultimately the lady was okay, and there is a gaping hole in my garage for the passing street to gawk at.

I'm still trying to get the hang of this blogging thing. Leave me some tips and thoughts!

The beginning!

Royal faerie and elf forest wedding designed by Tricia Fountaine, photo by Elizabeth Messina

Hey guys, my name is Becky and this is my first ever blog. For right now I think I'm just gonna post my daily thoughts and findings. I love finding interesting photos, videos, quotes and sharing them with everyone! Also, I have the oddest dreams and likings so I'll definitely be posting some of those. Hopefully I'll get some videos and pictures of myself up so you guys can get to know me a little better!

Talk to you guys soon,

P.S. The beautiful image above is one I recently ran into and thought it was gorgeous!
It's a concept for a fairy/elf wedding and it's nothing like I've ever seen before[=