Monday, September 27, 2010

From Katy Perry to prophecy dreams

Okay, I haven't had time to give my random dailys so here is what I have for youuu!

So if you guys haven't heard of the whole Katy Perry on Sesame Street thing, here it is in a nutshell: She wore a boobalicious seriously low-cut dress to sing with Elmo as a guest star on Sesame Street.
And today I saw the SNL clip that Katy did to make fun of the incident.
Here's the video link if you guys wanna check it out: Elmo bubbies!
here's a still:

& tell me what you guys think[=

I had a dream of my old friend whom I haven't seen in ages. We were sitting in front of some old computers in a computer lab and I handed him a picture book, and that was all.
The next morning...that friend IM's. We RARELY talk, ever.
And then I found out it was his birthday! = I need to give him a picture book ASAP
I seriously had noooo idea it was his I have come to a minor conclusion that I am tinged with oracle-ness. THE END!

Haha hope you SoCal-ers are keeping cool, it's sizzling out here.