Friday, October 1, 2010

Noontime naps!

This past week I've been studying my butt off for midterms so I haven't had time to post or blog surf.
Buuut it's it's the weekend and I have a study break haha

As you can see the lady of the day is the beautiful...the talented..Ms. Kate Beckinsale!
I decided to post her up because I was watching Pearl Harbor earlier and I can't get over how mesmerizing her face is. I hope you all are visually stimulated now because it is dream journal time!

So I took a glorious noon nap yesterday and conjured up an extremely unrelated but related trip of a sleep.
First I was going to a fancy wedding reception with my family at this Haunted Mansion-esque hotel. I'm greeting everyone and all seem extremely well dressed, like the people in the movie Titanic.
Then all of a sudden there's a flood warning and my little brother and I escape on a train...with no doors.
There's trains going the opposite direction, cars driving on the tracks, people walking on the tracks and then comes a giant ramp and we're soaring over a highway. After the rocky landing, there's a diverged track: one leading straight, the other off to the side. The off track seems as though it's colored in with crayon, a bunch of scribbled in happy colors. So I take the colorful track and all of a sudden I'm in the world of television. 
There's a man with overalls, a hard hat, and a broom who greets us (and acts like he's hired to be there). Everything is like a children's PBS show: colorful, lively, fiction. Then I walk up to the broom man and I also suddenly have a broom and I started to sweep with a rhythm. And what do you know! Next thing we're dancing to 40's swing music with our brooms. 
Weirdest. Dream. Ever.
And yes I really dream this, I didn't make it up!
See you guys next time[=


  1. I love napping in the daytime. The dreams seem so much more vivid and easy to remember. For me, at least.

  2. Kate Beckinsale certainly is visually stimulating.