Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Crave: Clothes

Soooooo...I've been EXTRA lazy in posting blogs.
Surprisingly I was kinda doing homework.

Anyways, I am now the owner of......(drum roll) A PART TIME DOGGY!
Haha I say part time because she's my uncles, but we basically get to doggy-sit her half of the week!
She was a shelter dog that just stumbled into our house and we got to keep her[[[[[[[=
Her name is Moose, and she looks like a German Shepard/Lab mix and amazingly intelligent.
She sits, lays, and shakes hands ^_^
I'll post some cute pictures of her soon!

As for the picture above, I just got it from LookBook and I fell in looooooove
I thought maybe I could follow this stylish look and mix it up with some California lovin[=
Maybe I'll even take a picture of my rendition and post it up!

I'll try to post more often haha
-Becky <3