Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sad day in Beckytown

Let's start out with the good point of the day: I went to Disneyland after class! [=
Went on the spooooky Space Mountain and smelled yummy treats in the air

Now...comes the rest of the fun stuff

1) I dropped my aluminum water bottle on the 6th floor in the parking lot at school. I heard it roll and then stop. So I went to look for it under all the cars in that row...nothing. Then after like an HOUR of running through the floors to find my orange water bottle, I finally found it!.........on top of this girls car O_O
And she's in it. Talking on her phone. So I creep like crazy and finally get it, and she basically has no clue to what on Earth is going on, so we just exchange smiles and I book it.
Phewww, my trusty water bottle has survived through four floors of droppage with some scratches and a dent.
And through all my searching, I got quite a workout. Squatting to look under all the cars and standing back up, running up and down the inclined ramps...I better have amazing glutes tomorrow.

2) I nearly ran out of gas....and now I'm fifty bucks shorter

3) MOOSE IS GONE. She ran away and doesn't want to be with us anymore. uncle isn't going to keep her because she can't tell who her owner is. And I quote "she's dumb". I've been Q_Q -ing all day.
I finally had a cutey dog who listens to commands and now she's bored of our house and decides to find a new owner...WHYYYYYYYYY =[[[[

Ending with a possible lighter note:
Should I buy $106 color contacts for Halloween?
They'll last me throughout the whole year and they're prescription and all.
Yay or nay?

These are my contacts from last year:

What do you guys think?!

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